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I'm a keeper, are you?

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I am athletic, smart, determined. I have my own apartmnt, new car, and a great career. I love to be outdoors, movies, yoga, biking, sunshine. I am looking ror someone who is as laid back as I am. I am always spontaneous, smiley, goofy, and still very responsible. I have brown hair, average height, muscular build with average weight. Looking for an outdoors kind of guy that can fix what needs fixing, doesn't drink often (as I dont drink too much anymore). I'm an attractive individual who doesn't wear lots of makeup and know I deserve someone great! Pic for a pic. By the way, I can cook.....can you? ;)

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Calling all redneck stoners.

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I don't care what we do. Surprise me. As long as it get's me out of this town for a while & I'm lit up I don't care!! Yea... it's been one of those weeks; Send picture & age. I sit at home, most of the time. I work from home anyways and my lack of a car doesn't allow for much of a social life, not that I care anymore; you can hardly tell from looking at me that I'm a nerd, turned reformed social butterfly, and finally now I live an existence devoid of the things I once used to enjoy, by choice. But I think the transition gave me a better appreciation and unique perspective. I'm a hippie at heart... I much more prefer to be burning one out on a trail hiking, or just out by a lake reading a book. I resuscitate dying books from the thrift shop down the street, and the library's literary outcast's. I consider singing in the car to be one of the highlights of my day. I have a messy room, yet the rest of my house is spotless; too much clutter everywhere else bugs me, but in my bedroom it gives me a sense of belonging; I know where everything is in my mess; and I always know if a single hair has been moved, I'm anal like that. I ride windows down, hand in the breeze, even in light rain to feel the sting of the water bullets attacking my skin. I listen to Patsy Cline, Shania, Kenny Chesney or any other form of good music and would love to debate the quality of broadway with you. I have dishes in the sink, but not too many. I forget your birthday, but when I find something you might like, I get it for you. You dont mind if I call you narcissistic asshole, or shortie (I'm 6'0 tall), as long as I compliment you no matter how wrinkled, shriveled, and decrepit you may become due to the unforeseen potholes on the road of life.. I think you are simply adorkable in the purest form. And its your mind that matters in the end. Sex, lust, craze, fades. I drag you to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you drag me to midnight park swings. I push you over when you do handstands, and you tease me for the fact that I can only do mine in the water.

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Romantic dinner

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Arent you so tired of typical internet dating where u text that person for a week then meet to find out their not a match for u, YEA ME TOO!! Lol So I want to try something new, Im very spontaneous so lets just go out on a date right now! Get to know each other over a nice dinner tonight!! So if you would like to treat a attractive 22 year old black female to dinner and great convo then email me! Dont waste my time if you not trying to do dinner tonight!! No endless emails!! Send pic to get one and please drive!

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HELLLLLP MEEEEEE!!!! Honestly tho, are there any men out there looking for something serious? Dating is SOOO discouraging these days. I don't want or need much, just someone who is honestly ready to be in a relationship, and who is truly a nice guy. Not out in the streets all the time, not steady on his phone, but ready for something REAL. I'm a smart, fun, loving woman who doesn't need a man for his money, car, etc....I got my own. Before you email me...let me get a few things out the way.... *I prefer to date black men...sorry if that offends, it's just my preference. *NO, I DON'T WANT TO HOOK UP WITH YOU TONIGHT, OR TOMORROW FOR THAT MATTER. *I am a single mother. If that's an issue, keep goin. I know I haven't said much about myself here, but I would rather wait until we are getting to know each other. Feel free to ask anything else you may wanna know, I will do my best to answer. Looking forward to hearing from you :) Oh, and plz send a pic too!

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Testing the water

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I'm the type of girl that usually prefers to be single. Its nice to have that independance and not have to constantly check in with someone else. I am by no means flighty... But in the past, relationships always seemed more of a hassle than anything else. I don't like feeling suffocated. On that note, I'm getting to the point where I'm ready to be in a relationship again. I say "getting" there because it all depends on the person I meet. I have my opinions and beliefs but what I'm ultimately looking for is the guy that will simply change my mind. After 24 yrs I've come to this conclusion: the person who changes your mind is the one you should be with. I need sarcasm, honesty, loyalty and curiosity (about life..not your sexual orientation lol). Good conversation is a must! I offer charm, humor, honesty, adventure and hope. I'm stubborn, sometimes moody, ambitious... And I'm worth it ;) . Looking for a man between the ages of 23 -32. I'm not looking for a one night stand or anything like that. I want to get to know someone. So if that's what you're looking for don't bother messaging me. Not comforatable posting my pic on here so 80 year old creepers can have a look lol so if ur interested in my post email me and your pic gets mine :). Please no "what's up" or one word messages either. Tell me why you responded and a little about yourself.

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ready to have some fun

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just looking to have some fun and see where it goes .. was in a relationship for year and it just didnt work out for the best .. so now im single and ready to meet new ppl and get out more .. i work hard and play hard .. im a country girl .. grew up on a huge cattle farm and showed quarter horses and went to college here .. i love all animals .. being outdoors .. swimming .. ridein 4 wheelers .. hunting and all that .. so if ya like what i wrote so far message me for a pic .. and please send me one in the first email to cut down on SPAM .. and put a song as the subject so i know your real .. hope to hear from ya soon ..

I was reading some of the blogs...people complaining about not being able to actually meet let alone get laid. I feel the need to throw in my two cents worth on this subject. Back in the day when I was a young lass you met people at social gatherings, parties, bars..etc. It gave you a chance to observe people before approaching them and ample time to interact in a safe environment. I would be willing to bet good money that NONE of you have ever taken one look at a person you just saw from across the room walked right up and asked them to fuck. If you have, please let me know how that worked out for you. Oh, hookers don't count and neither do barflies. Do you really want to have sex with some one you have not even exchanged names with? Again, hookers don't count. Stop looking at photographs and take a look at the BIG PICTURE. Ladies...he may have a yummy looking pic of his cock posted and you just know you want THAT. Ok, so he shows up 2 hours later with greasy hair, dirt under his finger nails and OMG what IS that smell? Guys....and you know you are guilty of this. How many times have you seen a pic of a woman and thought "I want that, she's hot" ( or some variation there of ) only to meet and find out that what looked like a size 16 is really a size 26 and she'd had her make up professionally done before taking the pic she posted? Or she snorts when she laughs, smells bad, has O personality? I just don't know WTF you all are bitching about. You come into contact with dozens if not hundreds of people EVERY DAY. How many of them have you hooked up with? Just because the people on this site are looking for sex does not mean they are looking to have it with you. Some people are picky. Some aren't and please let me assure you that I am in no way passing judgement on you and or how you live your life. I am just saying that even if you are in a bar looking for a one nite stand, there is still leg work to be done. Ya gotta buy her a drink, talk and flirt, maybe even get out there on the dance floor. Adult FriendFinder has no bar so there are no drinks. No dance floor either. That leaves talking and flirting. Something you would have to do to get laid anyways ( once again, hookers don't count ) so you may as well quit your whining and just do it. Quit complaining that women want to talk. You would have had to talk at the bar/party etc anyways. If you don't wanna talk maybe you should be looking for the hooker, she will just call you john anyways.