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Bigger girl new to SD

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Hello everyone I am so new to SD I jus moved to ND from Alaska in November and found a house in this here town and bought it so now im here Im a single mother and jus out looking for new ppl to hang out with and see where things go from there I am NOT looking for FWB or one time things but I am open and honest and very out going im easy to get along with and almost up for anything but anyway with all that being said hit me up ;-)

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celibate slut

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If the idea of enjoying my mind before feasting on my behind rattles your spirit, we should talk. If complete connection (Mind, body and Spirit) is your stance at current, we should talk. You appreciate the beauty in making love, family,the arts, feeling good/causing good, and overall living free in the most positive wave thoughts....we should talk. If all of this resonates something real in you, satisfaction in being yourself, you're attractive to you first, and your open for love...We should probably talk and meet too.

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Do you exist?

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So here's what I'm looking for, I'll be honest, cause... isn't that what this ad is for? I want someone that can hold up to my expectations. They aren't that unreasonable! All you need is this: the ability to support yourself (have your own house, car, job) the ability to read and write in COMPLETE sentences, and last, but not least, not be a total tool. I've had way too many guys that are just in it for themselves lately. If you possess those qualities, drop me an email. Oh, and if your first words are 'do u have pic' don't expect a response.

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Blue Eyed Beauty

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First of all I am a Big Beautiful Woman, big yes, ugly far from it. I am ready for something real, and deep, and passionate. I have gone on about 100 first dates in the past year and well.... Im looking for the guy that can make it past the first date. Why so hard ? Well, it takes more than dinner and a few compliments to talk me into taking my pants off. So please, if your looking for a one night stand, an fwb, nsa, or any of that mumbo jumbo, don't waste my time, and I promise I wont waste yours. I have a huge heart, I am sweet, caring, and I love to laugh but, don't do it nearly enough. I tell lame jokes, I work too much, I am completely neurotic sometimes but, hey I am female. Ineed someone with patience for sure. As I said before I work too much and well, I have no intention of slowing down any time soon. If I happen to find the right guy for me than maybe I will. :D In the mean time if you can't deal with me having a career than move on to the next desperate CL post lol. I can be a sarcastic ass at times, what people don't see is that if they were sarcastic too we would all laugh a whole lot more. I have a secret love for karaoke, and am a great musician and can sing but, am also terrified to do it in front of people. I am outgoing, and love spontaneous people. It seems as if they always know what to do, where to go, and how to make it fun. Btw, with the way my life has been for the past year or so... I have a theory that I don't know how to relax but, I honestly think that I need a guy to force me to turn my cell off for a day and focus on something other than my job and whats happening in the office. Its called a pair of balls guys, grow some! :D So, if your still with me after that last remark than we are doing great. Now, what I want in a man is someone that knows how to love a woman. Someone that will treat me well, with respect, and will care for me just because I am me. Not only that I need someone that is going to be themselves no matter what. I don't want to think I know someone and then turn around to find out I didn't know them in the least. I love cheesy love gestures. You know mushy texts durring the day, love letters, corny songs, and I like getting flowers. I need someone thats going to want to touch me, be affectionate, and not worry about what the rest of the world thinks. I don't ask for perfection from a guy because I know that I am far from perfect myself. I make mistakes, sometimes I say the wrong things, and sometimes I can really mess up. But, who doesn't mess things up from time to time. I don't want to be with a wuss I want the man in the relationship to be the man in the relationship because, I will get annoyed if you let me walk all over you, and trust me if you don't have your big boy pants on, I will. Also, I don't really go for men shorter than I am .... I am tall for a woman at 5'9 so at minimum my height would be nice. I hope to find someone great. Please when you e-mail me include a face shot.... I have no interest in your genitilia so please keep your nasty pictures for a nasty woman. Your pic gets mine, trust me you wont be disappointed

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Asian for great guy

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A sweet, pretty, and smart Asian woman, who's also slender, single, interesting, and playful ... if you're into that. And you're also single, smart, tall, fit, fun, older than 26, and younger than 26 ... because I'd be into that. FYI, though, I'll delete a response if it has: - no stats or information - no picture - picture of a mutation the obviously delusional guy believes is his prized appendage - rampant spelling or grammatical errors - drivel, recirculated or new :D

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A little nerdy, alot of shy and I just want to love again

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Hi first off thanks for taking the time to read this hopefully something great will come out of it (friendship or hopefully more). Im looking for a guy I can hang out with, playing video games, watching movies, playing board games, holding hands and taking a walk. I am really shy at first but once I warm up to you I can be funny and I am very loyal and caring. I wanna ask how your day is and make you smile and feel good. Im not looking for a fairy tale I know people are not perfect and every relationship takes two people to be successful. I am not looking for sex. I want to start slow, fall in love. Im not a prude but Im not a slut either. (no offense to sluts thats great they know what they want and get it) but I know what I want too. Im not sure what really to say but if I seem interesting or someone you would like to talk to let me know! Hope I hear from you.

I was reading some of the blogs...people complaining about not being able to actually meet let alone get laid. I feel the need to throw in my two cents worth on this subject. Back in the day when I was a young lass you met people at social gatherings, parties, bars..etc. It gave you a chance to observe people before approaching them and ample time to interact in a safe environment. I would be willing to bet good money that NONE of you have ever taken one look at a person you just saw from across the room walked right up and asked them to fuck. If you have, please let me know how that worked out for you. Oh, hookers don't count and neither do barflies. Do you really want to have sex with some one you have not even exchanged names with? Again, hookers don't count. Stop looking at photographs and take a look at the BIG PICTURE. Ladies...he may have a yummy looking pic of his cock posted and you just know you want THAT. Ok, so he shows up 2 hours later with greasy hair, dirt under his finger nails and OMG what IS that smell? Guys....and you know you are guilty of this. How many times have you seen a pic of a woman and thought "I want that, she's hot" ( or some variation there of ) only to meet and find out that what looked like a size 16 is really a size 26 and she'd had her make up professionally done before taking the pic she posted? Or she snorts when she laughs, smells bad, has O personality? I just don't know WTF you all are bitching about. You come into contact with dozens if not hundreds of people EVERY DAY. How many of them have you hooked up with? Just because the people on this site are looking for sex does not mean they are looking to have it with you. Some people are picky. Some aren't and please let me assure you that I am in no way passing judgement on you and or how you live your life. I am just saying that even if you are in a bar looking for a one nite stand, there is still leg work to be done. Ya gotta buy her a drink, talk and flirt, maybe even get out there on the dance floor. Adult FriendFinder has no bar so there are no drinks. No dance floor either. That leaves talking and flirting. Something you would have to do to get laid anyways ( once again, hookers don't count ) so you may as well quit your whining and just do it. Quit complaining that women want to talk. You would have had to talk at the bar/party etc anyways. If you don't wanna talk maybe you should be looking for the hooker, she will just call you john anyways.