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Looking for a real man.

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I know there are great guys out there, are you a match for me? Looking for a man who is funny, smart, and passionate about life. Must be ok with kids, i have one little boy. Having a job and a car is a plus. I share a house with two family members so living arrangements don't bother me. I am five seven, green eyes, brown hair, average weight, I guess. I don't smoke, drink occasionally but I don't mind if you do. Just looking for someone to hang out with, go on dates, and see where it might go. Reply if you think you might be interested, pics on request but no nude shots.

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Expanding the horizons

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I'm a normal member of the human species with some imperfections, but with a strength of ten as well, I kid you not! I have a lot of fire in me! I strive to live fearlessly (kinda difficult with . . .name of political figure . . .around, lol) and not to merely see life in black-and-white. I see the many grey areas around us and try to make sense of this wonderfully weird, wacky world of ours. Interests include biographies, documentaries, gaming, sharing and listening, music, gym, video editing, reading and writing, challenges that ignite the spark, theatre (including football), art and galleries, recipe books, travel magazines, novels and movies, children and the vulnerable - the least, the last and the lost between us. I'm the type of girl that can scream at the TV with the best of them. I'm the type of girl that could gaze at the stars above with you. I wouldn't be just the girl on the sidelines rooting for you, I would be on the field playing ball as well! I will theorize with you on countless topics (including but not limited to zombies). I'm adaptable, eccentric, honest, witty, funny, transparent, don't hold grudges and enjoy times in the rugged outdoors as much as I do the comforts of my haven. I'm keen on daring sporty challenges, animals, children and great music. And I'm not into fighting, sulking, cheating, clothing accounts, one night stands or credit cards. I love moments that offer beauty in art, people, nature, words and actions. Huge trees, fireplaces, the moon, stars, bonfires, thunder storms, butterflies, rural places and their people, long stretched-out roads and cross-word puzzles all fascinate me with their mystique and the many stories they carry. If only they could tell! I believe passion is probably one of the most important dimensions of the human composition -- without that we are left without those dreams and aspirations that keep us going. It would be nice if you have a head with eyes and a mouth and ears attached to it. Throw in humor and the ability to change my tyre - well not mine; the car's - and you're halfway there already...Oh and I'm not in the market for a total couch potato. I'm changing my lifestyle by going to the gym and becoming more fit, I would expect you to at least head in that direction. If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. Someone normal; respectful, stable, transparent and consistent in thinking and behavior. Someone who has a curiosity about the world and a joyful passion for life, one who shows humor and integrity. You also must be able to hold conversation. I carry too much in gaming, I don't want to carry in real life. If you've read what I had to say and I no doubt have you interested, you should respond. Try to impress me by writing something funny in the subject line. The better the subject line, the higher the bump! Your picture gets mine (: Please Note: I am not looking for a serious relationship. This is my way of seeing what's out there due to my limit access in being out in the social world with real life obligations. Games = Music = Gym > Reading > Traveling > Writing. My stats: 5'6" 210lbs. Size 16 jeans. Brunette. Ice eyes.

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Hey! So I thought I'd give this a shot. I would love to find a good looking guy between the ages of 18 and 25 to start a friendship and see where it goes. The only downfall I live in McCook. A little about me I love to be active and love being outside when it's nice out! I'm an avid Husker fan! But I also love me some Alabama too, no I didn't jump on the band wagon, been a fan all my life! I love football and baseball! My favorite color is pink and I love to go shopping! Please put your favorite restraunt in the subject line!

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Geeky Gamer Donna Reed type seeks love

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I don't know if it's me or if I just keep getting flakey guys. But please, PLEASE don't message me unless you are serious. I am tired of forming a bond with someone and they just up and decide to stop talking to me. If I come on too strong, just tell me. I wont be upset. I would rather know and fix it than to just be left hanging. What I want: An old fashioned relationship where the man is the breadwinner and supports his family, and the woman minds the house. I offer cooking skills that may rival your mothers, even grandmothers. Undying love and affection, a sexdrive that puts teenage boys to shame. I will get along great with your friends but I'll never sleep with them. Mothers love me, and your family will constantly tell you how lucky you are. I don't cheat, I don't lie. I am not religious, but I don't mind if you are and believe it or not I have a strong set of morals. I will pamper you and cater to your every need and desire. I will have a hot breakfast ready for you every morning, your work clothes ready for you with a homemade lunch and a kiss goodbye before you leave. I will keep your house immaculate, and I will spend at least most of the afternoon cooking a great dinner that will be waiting when you get home. You won't have to lift a finger. I will wait on you hand and foot, because that's how I like things. I am a gamer nerd. I read alot, watch movies. I love love love music, and I'm almost always listening to something. I am very shy in person at first, but once I warm up to you I am a fire cracker! I love sports (Yay hockey, go pens!), good beer. I am a BBW. Yes, this means I am a fat girl. I have epilepsy and its not as big of a deal as you think. If you cant accept it or learn to deal with it, then please move along. Because of the epilepsy I dont drive and I live with family. I am 6ft tall, I have long hair, green eyes, black framed glasses, a few tasteful piercings, no tattoos yet. About you: 35 and under, close to my height or taller. Be marriage and family minded. Im in no hurry but I do desire it eventually. Be willing and able to support another human being comfortably. I am open to dating someone with kids. I would like to go on a date, not just go for a car ride or watch movies at your place. I do expect you to make the first move. Pic for pic, Favorite dinner as headline

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Chance is a Fool's name for Fate

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Just a fun loving 24 year old woman looking for a nice guy to hang with. Possibly go out everyone in a while. I would love to have someone to talk to once school starts and my schedule gets a little less predictable. I am kind of a nerdy girl. I can hold my own (to an extent) when talking about video games,music, movies, and sports. I love football. September first I will be planted near the radio. ;) This is going to sound a little demanding. Please do not send me just a one word response. I would like to know a little bit about you. Please also, put your favorite movie as the e-mail subject. Please if this sounds interesting to you then just shoot me an e-mail. I would like a friend at first but if we get along well we can go from there.

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"Do you know all the simple things that it takes to change my mind"

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Okay, so here it goes. I am a SWF. 5'5-5'6 I work, I play, I love, and love to laugh. I think I laugh at things that most people wouldn't. I have one of the best sense of humors that only I think my sister understands. Ha! No I'm not a virgin looking for the love of my life. I have been married, and divorced. *6 years* I like to go to the mountains, it gives me the feeling the beach does but in a different more wholistic naturery way. I like to go out on occasion and play pool even though I totally suck at it. I have my own home and vehicle. I listen to my music entirely too loud and sing my heart out. I love music!! I think music is a way for our souls to express themselves. Think about it... I like art and beauty. Its everywhere if you take a moment to actually "SEE" whats around you. I do drink on occasion and I do smoke. I do cuss, probably more than a "lady" should. I am not afraid to get dirty. But if its hotter than hell and I do not have to be outside then I'm not. I am honest, call things as I see them. I am sensitive yet strong. My Dad says I am his hero and that without me the rest of us, my family, would not be able to live. I do try to be a good person, but I have my days like everyone else. I AM NOT PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE. You wont either, sorry. LOL I have green eyes and reddish brown hair. Artificial of course, naturally I'm a dirty blonde. I just like the color my hair is fake. I have tattoos, seven now, but I am getting more as finances approve. I love stand up comedy. I am perfectly content to stay in watch movies, cook, and enjoy each others company. I wear chill clothes at home and look nice when I leave. I smell good. I would really like to meet a man between the ages of 26-35. Yes! A real man. One who is sustainable, dependable, and all around pretty friggen awesome. I do not want to jump into anything because like most people I have baggage. Oh dare I say it?!?! Not baggage!! I have children and do not want more. Actually, I had the plumbing fixed with the last one. I just want to be upfront, they are pretty amazing kids, but I am not looking for someone for them, I am looking for me! I do not want you to meet them or get to know them or anything like that. Honestly, I don't even want you around them. No offense at all, we have just lived and seen a lot and I am not willing to subject them to assholary and selfishness. I do not have a certain type of man I go for, I just want them to be attractive in my eyes. I know we live in a military town, but guess what... I do not care if you are a Marine or whatever. To me, that is your lifestyle and job, and does not necessarily determine you as a person. I have met Marines that a straight up douche bags and then again, I have met some that have been some of the nicest most amazing people ever! So now that you have read this and if you are interested, please reply with a picture and real reply and not "If you're real reply back with a pic." I am real. I breath and bleed. The ball is now in your court. You get a million cool points if you know what my posting title is from.

So I've decided to try blogging about my sexual exploits and my love life in general. So my most recent escapade was with this guy that I have fucked a few times before, but lost contact with in the last year. We hooked up late one night this past week. The things that guy can do with his tongue are fan- fucking-tastic. He knows just what I like and when I need more cock or more tongue in my pussy. His cock is the perfect size to hit all the right spots in my pussy. I came at least twice from the fucking and twice more from when he ate my pussy. It was a hell of a way to make the rest of the week a whole lot better. The only problem was I wanted to fuck again an hour later, but I was already home. I think I may be turning into some kind of Nympho. Oh well. Til next time.