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Drinks this weekend?

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After enjoying the single life for the past year or so, I've decided to jump back into the dating scene. I don't have the opportunity to meet many guys at work and I am not a huge fan of meeting guys at bars/clubs, so I figured I'd try the online route. It is 2012 after all. Anywho, I guess this is where I tell you about myself... I am a Bay Area native who enjoys skiing/snowboarding during the winter and lying out while drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas during the summer. Huge Sharks fan here who tries to attend as many games as my schedule permits during the season. I'm fairly well-traveled and try to visit at least 3 new countries a year. While on vacay, I enjoy taking in a few sites, but always make time for sampling local food and sipping local beer and wine. I have a bad ass job that is a hot topic of conversation at cocktail parties, but yes, it does still suck at times, and yes, you will have to pretend to listen to me when I bitch about it. I did the college and grad school thing, but realize that college isn't for everyone. I have a pretty good sense of humor and am sarcastic 70% of the time. If you can't take a joke or tolerate me busting your balls from time to time, we're not going to work out. For what it's worth, I can dish it out and take it. That's more or less me in a nutshell. Email me with a good joke or a few sentences about yourself so I know you actually read this post and aren't just spamming CL postings looking to get laid. Just some disclaimer info so we don't waste each others time. I'm not looking for a one night stand or FWB. Not that I can't appreciate consenting adults looking to have a good time, but that's not what I'm interested in at the moment. I find myself most often attracted to Caucasian guys who are older than me (28-38) and, for the most part, have their life in order (stable job, car, housing, etc.). If you have kids, more power to you, but I'm not a kid-friendly person. Yes, that does in fact mean that I do not plan on having kids. I'm sure I'll receive at least 7 emails saying that since I'm a chick I'll change my mind down the road, but I'd be willing to wager a 2013 Audi R8 that that won't happen. I have pics to trade, but don't feel comfortable posting them on CL. Include a pic with your reply and I will return the favor.

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<3 Great <3

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I am asked all the time.... *************************** Why are you so happy? *************************** The answer is quite simple. **************************** When you wake up in the morning, you have a decision..... **************************** You can make your day a good day, a bad day, or a great day. **************************** So my question back is... **************************** Why not make everyday a GREAT day. **************************** Life should be CELEBRATED not just Lived. **************************** Strive for GREATNESS and your whole outlook on life can change.

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Do you ever think about finding that perfect person who just perfectly meshes well with you and you have to try to be around because it's just natural? I'm looking for that person :) someone who will get along well with my family and friends, as well as be able to spend time alone with me and still have a great time. I'm a 19 year old college student, decently tall with long brown hair. Obviously you need to be attracted to somebody to find something like that so if you send a pic, I'll respond with one back. I hope I'll hear from you soon :)

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Quirky Nerd Girl Seeks Same

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I don't live in the Houston area, I live about an hour+ away from Houston and am new to Texas. I am a college student. I am a BBW so if you have something against a girl who isnt skinny, im probably not your type of girl. Im not morbidly obese though and I am trying to lose weight! I love video games, reading, and movies. I am white skinned with brown hair and hazel eyes. I am a no nonsense sort of girl. I am not interested in talking to married men, men that are 10+ years older me, and I am not interested in seeing a picture of your package. I am also not going to exchange personal information such as phone numbers until I know someone better. So if you dont mind emailing at first and taking the time to get to know someone instead of jumping right in, we might get along. I love tattoos, caucasian men, motorcycles, sarcasm, intelligence, and an interest in games and movies. I especially like horror movies. I like doing nerdy things like anime or comic cons, going to haunted houses, yada yada. Anyways.. If you reply, please respond with something more than a phone number (I am not texting or calling someone I dont get to know first), and more than a hello or request for me to reply or send a picture. Intrigue me to reply. Tell me something about you, or show me a picture of you if you want. Tell me how old you are ,what you like, etc.

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Nice, young, fun, seeking same

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Hey. I am a young woman living in Albany. I share an apartment with a couple really fun roommates. I have my own car and a decent job. I am a fun person, and pretty much have fun everywhere. I go out and have fun with my friends often.. I would say that I clean up well and know how to make myself look presentable. I am looking for a nice guy who can do the same. I like rap and country music, dancing, and meeting new people. Please reply with a picture. Oh, and I'm not just looking to get laid by a bunch of different guys. FYI.

One Night Date, North Dakota, ND

Are you Mr Right or Mr Right Now?

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Looking for a friendship that if goes well will become a relationship. Not interested in one night stands or friends with benefits either so please dont waste my time or yours. Im 24 years old , asian, full time mom. I consider myself independent. I work full time, have my own car, own place, pay my own bills, etc. Looking for someone to hang out with, have dinner, watch movies, get out of town. Big plus if you're into hiking, going to the gym, working out. Shoot me an email.

I was reading some of the blogs...people complaining about not being able to actually meet let alone get laid. I feel the need to throw in my two cents worth on this subject. Back in the day when I was a young lass you met people at social gatherings, parties, bars..etc. It gave you a chance to observe people before approaching them and ample time to interact in a safe environment. I would be willing to bet good money that NONE of you have ever taken one look at a person you just saw from across the room walked right up and asked them to fuck. If you have, please let me know how that worked out for you. Oh, hookers don't count and neither do barflies. Do you really want to have sex with some one you have not even exchanged names with? Again, hookers don't count. Stop looking at photographs and take a look at the BIG PICTURE. Ladies...he may have a yummy looking pic of his cock posted and you just know you want THAT. Ok, so he shows up 2 hours later with greasy hair, dirt under his finger nails and OMG what IS that smell? Guys....and you know you are guilty of this. How many times have you seen a pic of a woman and thought "I want that, she's hot" ( or some variation there of ) only to meet and find out that what looked like a size 16 is really a size 26 and she'd had her make up professionally done before taking the pic she posted? Or she snorts when she laughs, smells bad, has O personality? I just don't know WTF you all are bitching about. You come into contact with dozens if not hundreds of people EVERY DAY. How many of them have you hooked up with? Just because the people on this site are looking for sex does not mean they are looking to have it with you. Some people are picky. Some aren't and please let me assure you that I am in no way passing judgement on you and or how you live your life. I am just saying that even if you are in a bar looking for a one nite stand, there is still leg work to be done. Ya gotta buy her a drink, talk and flirt, maybe even get out there on the dance floor. Adult FriendFinder has no bar so there are no drinks. No dance floor either. That leaves talking and flirting. Something you would have to do to get laid anyways ( once again, hookers don't count ) so you may as well quit your whining and just do it. Quit complaining that women want to talk. You would have had to talk at the bar/party etc anyways. If you don't wanna talk maybe you should be looking for the hooker, she will just call you john anyways.