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Single mom looking for LTR

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I'm 31 and just moved to central Iowa in late July. I was born and raised in Omaha, and have spent the last 9 years living in Lexington, KY, where I moved to follow my dream of working in the horse industry. It was an amazing nine years that rewarded me with an even more amazing son, but I've had to put the dream on hold for the moment and move back to the Midwest to be near my family. My son just turned 4, and his now happily being spoiled by his grandparents and playing nonstop with his cousins. Unfortunately I had to leave a great full time job that I loved, and I'm currently back to the job hunting market, but I have several interviews lined up and hope to be back to work very soon. I've worked the last few years as an administrative assistant, and am looking to get back in that field. That's my current for more about me, I love to read and have hundreds of books. I mostly read fiction or mystery, but in the last few years have picked up some sci fi and fantasy novels. My tastes in movies are quite similar; I prefer comedy, thriller, action, or a good chick flick. I'm pretty much up for anything short of the shoot 'em up blood and gore stuff. I also enjoy traveling, and love nothing more than just going out for a drive to see where the road takes me...though of course, that's dictated by the going gas prices! I like music, mostly country, but it depends on what fits my mood. I enjoy going out with friends to dinner or movies. I can't cook to save my life; I make pretty good tacos and salsa (my favorite) but other than that can usually only manage something in the microwave or oven. I've come to realize lately that I actually don't mind cooking and would learn to do more, I just hate the mess it makes and the cleanup afterwards! Like most women I have an interest in shopping, though it doesn't come to fruition very often as I get bored with it pretty quickly. I'm much more happy shopping for others, and have to check myself so that I don't spoil my son (too much). I don't like going to bars or parties, don't really care for crowds in general. My one exception is the Kentucky Derby, which I've attended twice and had a blast - I think because it's more of a crowd I understand and can "get with"; the electricity of screaming with 140,000+ people while horses thunder down the stretch to the finish line is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I don't drink or smoke, never have. My lifetime drinking history consists of one wine cooler, a margarita, and a strawberry daquiri; all of which took me hours to sip at and none that were actually finished. I don't mind being with someone that drinks socially or very rarely, but I absolutely don't want to date anyone who gets consistently drunk or smokes at all. I'm typically very relaxed and don't sweat the small stuff. I prefer to have a few close friends to a large group of acquantainces, and my friends would all say I'm very loyal, level headed, patient, and kind. I'm lucky that they all have the same qualities, and are always there when I need them. I suppose that's why I find myself perusing Craigslist. I've dated in the last few years and I've met several very nice people, have made good friends, so I know there's "real" people out there worth finding, whatever the method. Right now I'm looking to get to know someone from the area, see if there's any connection, build a friendship and see where it goes. I'm hoping to find someone mature, responsible, funny, loyal, and that is ready to settle down and have a serious relationship. Someone who absolutely knows what they want, and aren't afraid to get it, no games or drama. I would love someday to get married and have at least one more child; I love kids, so if you have them great, the more the merrier! I've always been attracted to older guys, 5-10 years, I think because their maturity level usually matches mine. I've been called an "old soul" several times since I was in my teens, and usually have friends that are older as well. I also tend to be attracted to big guys, the teddy bear type. That said, I don't want to narrow down "type" too much because I believe that making a grocery list of ingredients for the perfect person you thinking you're looking for is just a recipe for failure. So my first priority is to keep an open mind! I just want to find my best friend, my other half, the person I want to love, cherish, and grow old with, who feels the same about me. I myself am what society has so eloquently dubbed a "BBW" at 5'10"; I have long blond hair and hazel/green eyes. I've been called beautiful by several guys though they turned out to be much more interested in me physically than having an actual relationship, and if there's no emotional connection there, it just makes you feel worse than being alone. Again I'm not looking for the "perfect" guy because nobody is perfect; I can compromise if you can. Well I've typed a novel here and if you're still reading, props to you and feel free to contact me! If you're not interested then thanks for reading this far, and best of luck in your search!

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convince me?

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Ok, so i lied, i am in fact a 22 yr old curvacious woman, but i am not looking for a relationship. I just want to know that their are in fact guys in this area with a similiar passion for life, the sacarstic and sometimes a little bit crazy sense of humor. The type of people who are into rock, metal, rockabilly, tattoos and piercings and pin up girls. but also not useless mooches. The type of people who pull random (harmless) shenanigans just for shits and giggles. Who dont care if a girl drinks, smokes, and cusses like a sailor who stubbed his toe, but, knows when to act like a REAL lady and be polite and have manors and all that crap when apropriate. I dont know, maybe im searching for a god damned unicorn. Im just looking for friends who enjoys the same things in life as i do and knows how to have a damn good time. Please dont sent pictues of your cock, or ask me for inapropriate photos, it aint gonna happen, so in other words if your planning on emailing and being rude and/or in aproprite, ill say it now, fuck you, you fucking fuck, fuck off. And if your still reading at this point, *golf clap* i appluade you. I have fallen asleep listening to myself ramble on before. ***just thought that i should add, unless you have something other to say other than for example "love what i read i like (insert generic hobby list here i.e. hiking camping ectera) bla bla bla hit me up" or " im so down" dont bother sending me a message, im not a bitch unless provoked (heavily) but i have a brain and enjoy witty sarcastic humor or some that snags my curiousity. Be cocky and outgoing, not vulgar, or youll get ignored, there are tons of guys responding to anything posted in this section with the same rehearsed pre-typed saved brain vomit crap so they can try to get with a broad. USE YOUR BRAIN ASSWIPE!

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Country Strong

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Well I dont want to make this super long, but if you take the time to read this you'll get a little insight to who I'm and if your interested please send me an email. - Thanks :) I'm at that point in my life when I'm ready to find something real and I'm done with all the endless possibilities and endless promises. I'm looking for a man who has a good head on his shoulder, someone who is real, down to earth but most of all a man who inst afraid to be himself. I've tried the whole finding someone online before and to be honest it was mostly full of men who wanted one thing and one thing only, I wont lie, sex is great but as long as it means something, so if your looking for a hook up - please keep looking. I'm looking for someone who is content with going out with his friends if its for hunting trips, camping, day on the river whatever, but I want a man who will respect my time with my friends. I feel that its important to have time to ourselves as well as a couple. A little about me. . I was born and raised here in Washington State, I live North of Spokane, I was raised around live stock, horses, and working farming machinery, so I'm not scared to get dirty. Some of my hobbies would be - Fishing ( I love to fish ), I hunt from time to time, I love to work out, I run a lot, I ride horses, and love to snowboard during the winter. I love to cook and bake, I'm the homemade baker queen :). I don't like drama, I hate liars, I dislike people who aren't real and themselves. Thank You for taking the time to read and if your interested please send me an email. - Thanks :)

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Strong southern draw

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Newly separated, divorce soon. Yes, I'm young and getting a divorce which means I know exactly what I DON'T want in a man. Not looking for anything more then a friend right now. If your interested feel free to message me. I'm naturally brunette. Currently redhair (needed a changed) Brown eyes. Curvy. 5'8 looking for someone TALLER. and no offense WHITE AND NATIVE AMERICAN only. Your picture gets mine.

One Night Date, Wilmington DE

L00king F0r A Serious Relationship/Guy

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Hey! Ok so I am done dealing with the one and off relationships. :( I am looking for a guy who is looking for a serious relationship with a girl. I am 18 and I am mature for my age and I already know what I want in my Life. I am the type of girl who is 100% Loyal and Honest. I only commit myself to One Guy because that is all I need. I'm very down to earth and looking for the same thing from a guy. I'm more of the type to not go out on many dates but to be more independant with my guy (whoever that may be) :) I'm hoping to find a guy who knows how to treat a girl RIGHT and not wrong. I don't like cheaters or players so if your like that don't bother emailing me because I do not have time to go thru hurt. I've been hurt in past relationships and thats why I believe that made me who I am today! I don't mess around with Love. I'm a very serious girl when it comes to that.I'm looking to get married and have a family with someone very soon. I want that while I am young. I know that might scare some guys away but I'm just being honest with you. I'm looking to share my life with someone forever. If you would like to chat and get to know me more don't be afraid to email me :) send me a picture in the email and if you ask me for a picture I will return the favor. Thanks for taking the time to read my ad. :)

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cute and wild what more could you want ;)

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Hi :) I'm bethany, 22 tall curvy brown hair blue eyes no tattoos or anything.. I'm wild and like to have a good time.. especially when the weather gets cold I like to find ways to stay warm ;) I'm real it was a really nice day today rained this morning and I'm excited about the chiefs. I'm bored and looking for a date this weekend. I'm looking for love and fun lol no friends that's always messy on here. Please be single it says a lot about a person willing to break someones heart just to move to the next and I like associating with good people not cheats and liars.. send an interesting reply with some pics then maybe we can text and talk about that date ;)

So I've decided to try blogging about my sexual exploits and my love life in general. So my most recent escapade was with this guy that I have fucked a few times before, but lost contact with in the last year. We hooked up late one night this past week. The things that guy can do with his tongue are fan- fucking-tastic. He knows just what I like and when I need more cock or more tongue in my pussy. His cock is the perfect size to hit all the right spots in my pussy. I came at least twice from the fucking and twice more from when he ate my pussy. It was a hell of a way to make the rest of the week a whole lot better. The only problem was I wanted to fuck again an hour later, but I was already home. I think I may be turning into some kind of Nympho. Oh well. Til next time.