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Looking for a best friend. =)

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Hello, all. My name is Daniexelle. Said like Danielle, the X is silent. But, I'm not throwing the X right in the middle for the hell of it-that's honestly how it's spelled. Although, such is my sense of humor, I rather like it. ^_^ So, while I'm NOT new to online dating, I'm new to craigslist. I figure I'll state what I want, what I'm looking for, state what I can about me, and see what goes. I'm looking for a long term, serious relationship. But, what I want is more than that. I want a confidante and an ally, a best friend and someone to have pillow fights with. I just want that playful best friend to happen to love me as much as he likes me. And, so it's said, I know that's a lot to ask of a stranger reading a craigslist ad. But, I figure it never hurts to ask. I don't expect-nor want-perfection. I'm not perfect either, so there's that you should know. Communication, honestly, loyalty, all those basics are important to me. A sense of humor is probably a good thing, too, or you probably won't like me very much. lol XD I'm not picky about age, except not younger than 19, and not older than 35. I tend to like older guys, but I'm not gonna say all the guys my age are immature. Other than that, personality is personality, and I'm not picky. However, I do want someone who is stable in life. I don't mean you have to be rich or financially well off. I don't even mean you have to be totally sane, I can be a little crazy sometimes, myself. ;) I mean I want a man who is ready, and able, to commit to a serious relationship. Now, for what tends to attract me in terms of physical. I'm just gonna out this out there, though I feel horribly racist saying it. Men with darker skin attract me a lot more than those who don't have darker skin. Everything from a dark tan, to those who are so black their teeth glow. Blue eyes are good, too, and heaven help me if you have dark skin and/or hair with blue or green eyes... *_* This being said, being dark skinned isn't a must. And I really sincerely hope you guys don't take offense if that whole thing comes out wrong. I like men who are bigger than me, as in taller. I'm 5'6, and not skinny. But, I like a man who is taller than me, and broad enough and such so that when he holds me, he holds me completely. It makes me feel safe. If that makes any sense. As for what I want and what I'm looking for, I think that's it-at least that I can think of at the moment. Now it's time for a bit of me. My name, as stated, is Daniexelle. Not many people honestly get to say they're as unique as their name. I'm lucky enough to have that privilege. I also stated my height, at 5'6, and I think my age is in the title-20. I have either light brown hair, or dirty blonde, I'm not sure which. It's grown darker over the years. My eyes vary, sometimes they're a bright blue, sometimes they're green around the pupil and blue around the green, and I'm told they'll even turn hazel sometimes. Personality wise......I am a nerdy, sarcastic poet, who's both wise and naive. I am a person who is firm but fair, and I have a big heart, but that doesn't mean I'm weak. I've learned the hard way, to stand up for myself as much as those I love. So, while I have open arms with advice freely given, I have boundaries, wants, and needs, and I stand up for them. It's taken all my life so far, and many very hard lessons to gain that strength, and I'm proud of that. I'm very creative, and other than poetry, I also draw, try and write stories, make jewelry....anything. I'm an avid reader, and I love video games as well. I also am still a tomb boy, and if I had the stuff, I'd be out speeding on quads, going fishing and camping under the stars. I love all kinds of music, and lift my chin up and say I am proud that Celine Dion is my favorite artist. I get a lot of heat for that. ;) But, I think I'll stop here. I know this is a lot, and if I've kept you interested long enough for you to get to this point, thank you just for reading it. Good luck in your search, if I'm not what you're looking for. And take care.

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New friends

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Recently single white female, just looking for someone fun to spend time with. Maybe get a drink or coffee, something like that. I do not live in Jacksonville, but I am there for work on a regular basis. Please be interesting, genuine, and able to hold a conversation. I'm 5'8, brunette, hazel and attractive most days. I like spending time with friends, movies, travel, beach, gym, anything art related, live music, fsu football games.

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Only If You Are A Good Man

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Gentlemen... I am a 34 yo, AA, female who is educated, intellectual, attractive, funny, endearing and a lover of family, good times and great music. Unlike most women here, I'm not looking for a sugar daddy nor a meal ticket. I'm looking to truly connect with an amazing soul and create a relationship that is mutually fulfilling and unique to anything of our pasts. For starters, I've been with women my entire adult life. The older I get however, I really wonder if the substance of a female to female connection can actually take place between a man and woman. So, here I am. I'm very much a cute tomboy. I love sports, talking junk and anything competitive. You will have to bear with me as I mature into my more feminine attributes. They definitely exist, it's just about summoning them to the forefront. In short, I'm a beautiful surprise and it will take a very special kind of gentleman to witness me unfolding. I adopted an amazing little girl, by myself, about 2.5 years ago. She is now 4 and the light of my life. Otherwise, I have no birth children of my own, but would like to have at least one. I come from a small family but really want to create one, that is built with tons of love, honesty, loyalty and support. The guy for me would become my bestfriend! He would be patient, sensitive, understanding, confident in himself, encouraging of my endeavors and I would be of his. He would love his Mother and treat her like a Queen. He would love life! He would be free of any drug, alcohol or emotional addictions. He would be emotionally available, mentally sound and spirituality inclined. He would have dreams and goals. He would love my daughter as his own. He would love to travel, be spontaneous and big fan of music. He isn't afraid of creating a bond, of being transparent and vulnerable. He is truly an amazing man. I am open to all races. Infact, I really connect with white, latino and indian guys. Black men are welcomed, respectfully. I prefer someone 28-38 who is sincere in their "hello" and who actually wants to get to know me. I am not a hookup candidate, nor am I looking for some virgin crazed prick. If you have ill intent, please move on. Thank you

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Looking for the one....Still

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I am heavy set (not skinny) woman with 2 young kids looking for the one. I am not looking for a daddy for my kids and I am not looking for a daddy for me. I am currently enrolled in college majoring in music and will be learning to play piano. I am looking for a man with a job, car, and home. Must like kids. I don't mind if you have kids but I do not want to have any more. NO FWB, NO DRUGS, and NO PEDOS. I drink socially, occasionally. I am very choosy due to a few bad relationships and cause I have kids. I am attaching some pics and would appreciate it if you would include one or two in you message to me. Thanks for your time.

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single white female

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Okay lets see I am 22 white dont have any kids. I have a job. I don't have a car at the moment. I am not looking to play mind games. I wan't something real. I have done my parting and just want to find someone. If you're afraid of commitment don't talk to me. I am NOT!!! looking for a fuck buddy or a hook up. Now a days girls younger then me have kids with other men and can always find a new guy. I would think I was a catch because I don't have any kids and I have a job. But I have had no luck so here I am trying something else. Message me telling me about yourself and what your looking for. I am sick of people asking me if I am Spam. I am not. A don't send me a message saying," hey sexy" or anything like that. I do have an age limit it is 20-30 no one older.IF you don't reply with a picture I will not reply to you. Your message will be deleted!!

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Strong, independent, lovely

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Hi there. I'm new to Cincinnati, having just moved here in July from Chicago. I am a woman with a vision and a plan. I'm looking for a man who can keep up with me, who will support and push me to achieve my goals. I am looking for someone who has his own business in order and wants to share a well-rounded life with me. If you're interested in learning more, and perhaps meeting up for dinner sometime, please send a PG, fully-clothed picture and a description of who you are and what you desire out of a relationship. Responses without a PG picture, with misspellings or grammatical errors, and those that just don't interest me will be deleted--I won't waste your time. So that's it--here goes nothing. Maybe there's an intellectual buffoon out there seeking his match.

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