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Attractive woman seeking tall, dark hair and attractive

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Attractive plus sized woman seeks tall man with a career, a vehicle, goals, humor and not hung up on an ex! I have all of the above. I am looking for that amazing relationship that is full of passion, fire and intensity. I want my partner to be my lover as well as my friend. If this sounds like you and you are over 30 but younger than 50, drop me a line. Fall is right around the corner and we could be enjoying long drives, pumpkin patched and fall sports together.

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No Games - Unless it is Duck Football

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I am 30 years old, recently divorced, 5'10", 180, white with dark hair and eyes that change colors with my contacts. I am active and healthy and love jogging and bike riding. Spiritual maybe but I am not that fond of organized religion. I am a pretty decent cook and would love to find someone who wants to cook both with and for me (and I, of course, would love to cook for you too). I absolutely love Duck football and enjoy watching some pro football too. I haven't been watching a lot of TV lately and while I am not opposed to it, falling back into the trap of watching it all night every night is not an option I am wiling to consider. Dancing is mandatory - you don't have to be good at it (I don't think I am) but I love dancing everywhere I go. I also have a great sense of humor, a love of laughing, a big smile and open arms that are ready to embrace life and all of my friends. I don't do drugs (unless you count caffeine or occasional alcohol) and I don't smoke and I'm not remotely interested in someone who does. Please let me know if you just want a friend to watch Duck games with or if you are looking for something long term. I am open to both but like to know what to expect. In return, I will be open with you. I don't offend easily and I don't like games. I find that open communication helps both for the better. If your response is riddled with grammatical errors then I won't reply. My grammar isn't perfect and I don't expect yours to be but I can't respect someone who doesn't at least put in the effort to run spell check and capitalize when necessary. I am also not likely to respond if you don't live in or near Eugene. If you are looking for a friend to share a drink with when you are in town on a regular basis I would probably be open to the suggestion. Tell me a little about yourself and what you like to do. Please send me your picture. You can let me know you are real by including your age, height, and favorite restaurant in the subject. People who don't follow at least the subject line instructions - I will assume you were not paying attention to this post and therefore weren't actually interested.

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Where has the realism gone?

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I have been reading through these M4W post for about a month now. I cannot believe how specific you men are. It's no wonder you are still looking. Open your options a bit. Take a risk. Stop being so damn tailored in your requirements. Granted, some requirements are necessary. And, yes, we all seem to be attracted to something specific. But, c'mon! Relax a little. Get past the need for instant gratification. Great things come with time and effort. All this technology today makes people think that they can just send a wish list out into the universe and their perfect mate is going to land in their lap. No one wants to dig anymore. No one enjoys the hunt. Everyone seems to want a drive-thru experience to match making. about me:open; attractive; unruly; a thinker; and curious.

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sane professional female

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Well hello. I'm a 27-year old mostly sane, slightly sarcastic, stable female professional who just moved to the area for work. I'm looking for a nice guy (with an edge?) to spend the down time with outside of work. About me: I love coffee nearly as much as oxygen. I have a master's degree. I'm not a morning person. I've lived a little bit of everywhere & probably carry a few eccentricities from each place I've been & am definitely better for it. What I hope to find: friendship or more. Someone with some form of education with employment to boot. No shady extracurriculars. Healthy in lifestyle & in mind. An interesting, kind fellow. Someone who actually wants to meet. Write if this sounds at all like your style. I'd like to get to know you.

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Bitches Be Crazy

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lollerskates! Good Morning, I am a 34 year-old, attractive woman who is somewhat new to the Joplin area. I have been single for about a year, have never been married, have no children, am sans diseases and to the best of my knowledge, am in possession of all of my mental faculties - although they say that the insane person is the last to know, thus the caveat. I figure that if I'm crazy, you will not hesitate to let me know! I am not skinny. If you haven't back-arrowed out of here...I'm not obese either. I'm 5'7 and a size 12. Most say that I have an hourglass figure, I will simply say that I've got a nice, soft, curvy body that I am completely comfortable is not the best body in the world, but it can definitely ROCK your world. You know, in the bedroom (or in the shower, or in the restroom at the theater because we just Cannot wait to get home). I've never had any complaints, that's all I'm saying. I am unafraid and equally unashamed. I've got Long - and I mean Cher-Long, hair. If hair matters to you. I am PrideFull of my is my one area of vanity. Best feature wise, many say my eyes. Many say my legs (I've got great legs, too, I must say) and many say my hair. My opinion? It's my hair, hands down. These are all certainties. For the sake of fun, here are some generalities about me: * I generally don't knock boots on the 1st date. Not out of any over-developed sense of morality (I actually rate pretty low on the Morality Scale, especially here in the Bible Belt), but because my Super Powers do not yet include the ability to perceive another person's STD status. Hopefully, that one comes soon...I'm still evolving! * I love to laugh - some things that make me laugh are The Big Bang Theory, Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, anyone falling down (myself included), fat babies eating Cheeto's, fat-free Chocolate and farts. * If we go out to eat, I may order a salad. I most definitely will *not* order the most expensive item on the menu. If I'm hungry, I will eat. * I will engage you in conversation - and perhaps even amuse you with stories of my past, my present, etc. * I curse like a drunken sailor. * I don't enjoy talking on the phone much. * Your financial status is not my business. * I am not racist but I love inappropriate jokes. I especially love people who can make inappropriate jokes aimed at their own race/religion/genre. * I am able to say 'No' and scream 'Yes!!' Hopefully, you are: * In possession of a good deal of wit * Confident * Funny * Not going to send me a picture of your 'trouser snake' * Currently unattached If we should spend time together, these are things that I would enjoy doing with you: * Going to the park * Bowling * Playing games - Poker, Trivia, Uno, etc * Acting like total fools in public establishments * Giggling maniacally at midgets * Have The Secks regularly I would not enjoy or participate in: involving wildlife in our amorous activity, revert to 12 y/o behavior when upset, lying, cheating, giving a shit what anyone else thinks, anything that brings blood or leaves bruises. If you're still reading this missive - I do have current photos but will not post one here. If you show me yours, I'll show you mine! So, get typing and bring your A-game!

I was reading some of the blogs...people complaining about not being able to actually meet let alone get laid. I feel the need to throw in my two cents worth on this subject. Back in the day when I was a young lass you met people at social gatherings, parties, bars..etc. It gave you a chance to observe people before approaching them and ample time to interact in a safe environment. I would be willing to bet good money that NONE of you have ever taken one look at a person you just saw from across the room walked right up and asked them to fuck. If you have, please let me know how that worked out for you. Oh, hookers don't count and neither do barflies. Do you really want to have sex with some one you have not even exchanged names with? Again, hookers don't count. Stop looking at photographs and take a look at the BIG PICTURE. Ladies...he may have a yummy looking pic of his cock posted and you just know you want THAT. Ok, so he shows up 2 hours later with greasy hair, dirt under his finger nails and OMG what IS that smell? Guys....and you know you are guilty of this. How many times have you seen a pic of a woman and thought "I want that, she's hot" ( or some variation there of ) only to meet and find out that what looked like a size 16 is really a size 26 and she'd had her make up professionally done before taking the pic she posted? Or she snorts when she laughs, smells bad, has O personality? I just don't know WTF you all are bitching about. You come into contact with dozens if not hundreds of people EVERY DAY. How many of them have you hooked up with? Just because the people on this site are looking for sex does not mean they are looking to have it with you. Some people are picky. Some aren't and please let me assure you that I am in no way passing judgement on you and or how you live your life. I am just saying that even if you are in a bar looking for a one nite stand, there is still leg work to be done. Ya gotta buy her a drink, talk and flirt, maybe even get out there on the dance floor. Adult FriendFinder has no bar so there are no drinks. No dance floor either. That leaves talking and flirting. Something you would have to do to get laid anyways ( once again, hookers don't count ) so you may as well quit your whining and just do it. Quit complaining that women want to talk. You would have had to talk at the bar/party etc anyways. If you don't wanna talk maybe you should be looking for the hooker, she will just call you john anyways.